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Meet Our Staff

Protecting and restoring western watersheds and wildlife through education, public policy initiatives, and legal advocacy.

Patrick Kelly

Washington/Montana State Director

Patrick was raised in the Pacific Northwest and spent his childhood years camping, backpacking, and exploring the rivers and forests of the Cascade mountains with his family.  His love of the natural world stems from countless hours spent on his favorite rivers and streams, fishing, skipping rocks, and swimming with his younger brother.  He received his MA in Philosophy from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque with a strong emphasis on environmental ethics.  He went on to earn his doctorate in Forestry & Conservation from the University of Montana, with a focus on public lands policy and the ethics of wilderness management. He is a strong believer in public lands remaining public and has devoted his career to ensuring that the other-than-human inhabitants of these special places are protected from exploitation.

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Erik Molvar

Executive Director

Greta Anderson

Deputy Director

Adam Bronstein

Oregon Director

Laura Cunningham

California Director

Nancy Linscott

Operations Director

Josh Osher

Public Policy Director

Paul Ruprecht

Nevada Director

Cyndi Tuell

Arizona/New Mexico Director

Laura Welp

Ecosystems Specialist

Megan Backsen

10th Circuit Attorney

Greg LeDonne

Idaho Director

Branden Rishel

GIS Specialist

Delaney Rudy

Colorado Director

Jaimie Park

9th Circuit Attorney

Grace Kuhn

Digital Director

Dagny Signorelli

Wyoming/Utah State Director