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In the News

Erik Molvar:  How federal land and wildhorse management really work – Elko Daily Free Press, 11/18/2023

She’s back:  Mexican wolf Asha wanders in to Jemez Mountains – Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/2/2023

This land isn’t for you or me. It’s for the meat industry – Vox, 10/20/2023

Judge denies request to stop watershed restoration process in eastern Nevada – Courthouse News, 10/18/2023

Environmentalists warn of intent to sue over snail species living near Nevada lithium mine – Associated Press, 10/13/2023

Oregon agrees to transfer ten wolves to Colorado after other Western states decline – Idaho Capital Sun, 10/11/2023

Environmentalists sue BLM over its evaluations of grazing on public lands – Capital Press, 9/27/2023

Cliven Bundy is still out in the Nevada Desert, and so are his cattle – Guest Essay, The New York Times, 9/27/2023

Erik Molvar and Chandra Rosenthal:  The BLM is ignoring its most serious land health problem – The Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/2023

Court approves nearly 3,500 wells amid the “Path of the Pronghorn,” sage grouse winter habitat – Oil City News, 8/13/2023

Feds forced to review grazing in biodiverse Sonoran Desert National Monument – the Tucson Sentinel, 8/11/2023

Cattle grazing in Sonoran Desert needs new look, judge rules – Bloomberg Law News, 8/10/2023

The drills are coming – The Sheet, 8/11/2023

Judge throws out Utah’s lawsuit over Bears Ears, Grand Staircase monuments – Fox 13, 8/11/2023 (WWP was an intervenor with others)

Wolf Act isn’t fair to wolves or the public – Albuquerque Journal, 6/25/2023

Environmentalists argue against livestock grazing in Sonoran Desert National Monument – (Arizona Daily Star), 6/2/2023

Court finds U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service violated law by allowing killing of Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzlies – National Parks Traveler, 5/25/2023

10th Circuit rejects authorization to kill up to 72 grizzlies in Wyoming under grazing program – The Daily Montanan, 5/27/2023

Federal Court ruling saves up to 72 Wyoming grizzlies from death – Cowboy State Daily, 5/25/2023

Groups win lawsuit over grazing lease that endangered grizzly bears in the Upper Green – Jackson Hole News and Guide, 5/31/2023

Environmentalists take fight over oil and gas drilling to the 10th Circuit – Courthouse News Service, 5/17/2023

Coalition sues BLM over Wyoming horse management as agency plans summer roundups in the West – Boise State Public Radio –  5/16/2023

Bi-state sage grouse considered for threatened status, again – Las Vegas Sun, 4/28/23

Despite federal restrictions, cattle have damaged conservation area along San Pedro River – Tucson Sentinel Online, 4/28/2023

Wildlife group asks governor to veto bill allowing grizzly killings – The Missoula Current, 4/27/2023

Guest Column:  Let’s give Yellowstone bison the freedom to roam – Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 4/22/2023

Once-common San Pedro River beavers making tiny comeback – Arizona Daily Star, 4/24/2023

Guest View by Josh Osher: Livestock industry’s war on wildlife at Montana Legislature – Montana Standard, 4/23/2023

Re-wilding Oregon Conference – Gathering focuses on desert and forest ecosystems, carnivores, native fish and the America the Beautiful Initiative – Source Weekly, Bend, 4/19/2023

Sen. Cortez Masto is trying to move her party on mining critical minerals – Washington Post, 4/21/2023

Could Colorado Senate bill delay wolf reintroduction by six years? – Durango Herald, 4/10/2023

Nevada lithium mine breaks ground, despite Indigenous opposition – Al Jazeera, 3/15/2023

Environmental group opposes Elko County habitat improvement plan – Elko Daily Free Press, 3/14/2023

10th Circuit case pits female bears and grazing cattle in the upper Green River – Missoula Current, 3/23/23

Groups petition to protect the world’s smallest rabbit as sagebrush habitat shrinks – Wyoming Public Media, 03/13/2023

Beavers and Biden (radio interview) – KBOO Radio, 03/06/2023

“A truly  unfortunate outcome” as 9th Circuit denies injunction against Nevada lithium mine – Common Dreams, 03/01/2023

Group asks Biden to ban beaver trapping on federal land – Baker City Herald, 2/28/2023

New emergency bid to appeal, block huge Nevada lithium mine – The Las Vegas Sun, 2/21/2023

As feds keep grazing fees at their lowest, conservationists say public lands pay the price – KUNR Public Radio (broadcast on Boise State Public Radio), 2/21/2023

Molvar: Delisting grizzly bear would wreak havoc on the species – Yamhill County’s News Register, 2/13/2023

Nevada lithium mine wins ruling; green energy fights rage on – The Seattle Times, 2/7/2023

Study:  States and NPS need to reach cooperative goals on wolves – National Parks Traveler, 2/2023

Study says wolves killed by humans disrupt nat’l park packs – Buckrail, 2/10/2023

Too little, too late? Activists call for halt of development, grazing in Gunnison sage-grouse habitat to pull bird from ‘extinction vortex’ ~ Montrose Daily Press, 7/14/20

Judge denies Nevada off-road challenge to grouse protection ~ Las Vegas Sun, 7/13/20

Groups suing Interior ask acting land management head to step aside during nomination ~ Colorado Politics, 7/7/20

WDFW creates new position to oversee gray wolf management ~ Methow Valley News, July 1, 2020

Upper Green allotment should be national park, not feedlot ~ Wyofile, 6/30/20

Fight over sage grouse designation heads back to court ~ The Astorian, 6/26/20

Trump administration drops appeal of judge’s ruling that revoked grazing permit for Hammond Ranches Inc. ~ Oregon Live, June 19, 2020

Conservation groups plan lawsuit over lack of bi-state sage grouse listing ~ The Record Courier, 6/17/20

Advocates question investigations used to target wolves in Southwest ~ Arizona Daily Star, 5/31/20

Feds propose to open grazing on Sonoran Desert National Monument ~ Arizona Republic, 5/27/20

Conservation groups challenge state’s wolf management rules ~Methow Valley News, 5/20/20

Proposed Ranch Plan for Point Reyes Seashore Draws Public Fire ~ Sonoma County Gazette, 5/20/20

Wildfire plan approved with 435 miles of Idaho fuel breaks ~ Idaho News, 5/12/20

Groups to Interior: See you in court if Pendley reappointed ~ Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 4/29/20

Conservation groups launch new challenge to elk feedgrounds ~ Buckrail, 4/23/20

Are Federal Agencies Using COVID-19 To Attack Federal Lands? ~ Utah Public Radio, 4/10/20

Idaho’s politicization of wolf policy ~ Idaho State Journal, 3/25/20

USDA Wildlife Services agrees to temporarily halt lethal wolf control, ‘cyanide bomb’ use ~ Idaho State Journal, 3/13/20

BLM fast-tracks plan to rip up thousands of trees ~ Nevada Current, 3/12/20

New Sagebrush Rebellion Prompts Look at Who Controls Old West ~ Bloomberg Law, 3/5/20

Judge: Ranch’s grazing priority expired with permit ~ Capital Press, 3/5/20

Judge Tosses Oil and Gas Leases on Nearly One Million Acres of Public Lands ~ EcoWatch, 3/3/20

More grazing likely for public lands: BLM touts fire prevention, but environmentalists say proposals cave in to ranchers ~ Magic Valley, 3/2/20

Trump’s gas wells in Wyoming would block pronghorn migration ~ High Country News, 2/25/20

The Bureau of Land Management wants to go back to the Dust Bowl era ~ Salon, 2/16/20

Trump’s Gutting of NEPA Will Cut the Public Out of Public Lands Decisions ~ Counterpunch, 2/14/20

The Trump Official Who Could Obliterate Public Lands ~ The New Republic, 2/3/20

BLM looks to overhaul grazing regulations ~ Montrose Press, 1/23/20

Reseeding after Wildfire Often Does More Harm than Good ~ Earth Island Journal, 1/23/20

Bridger-Teton grizzly deaths target of impending lawsuit ~ Jackson Hole News and Guide, 1/22/20

Removing Prieto Wolves is Not the Answer ~ The Wildlife News, 1/21/20

Groups prepare to sue over grazing in Wyoming grizzly range ~ NBC Montana, 1/21/20

Death by a thousand cuts, Boulder Weekly, 1/16/20

Environmental advocacy groups urge federal judge to revoke grazing permit for Hammond Ranches Inc. ~ Oregon Live, 12/19/19

G&F: No more Alkali feeding ~ Jackson Hole News and Guide, 12/18/19

Running aground~ Moonshine Ink, 12/12/19

BLM interim director sympathetic to Sagebrush Rebellion crowd ~Las Vegas Review-Journal, Dec. 7 2019

Trump administration oks cyanide poisoning of coyotes ~ Nevada Current, 12/5/2019

After Year Of Record Grizzly Bear Deaths, Managers Talk Human-Bear Conflict Reduction ~ Montana Public Radio, 12/4/19

“Point Reyes livestock hinders carbon banking,” by Laura Cunningham, Point Reyes Light, 4 Dec. 2019

Conservation groups aim continued fire at Elk-Feeding Proposal ~ Buckrail, 11/23/19

The Energy 202: This funny-looking bird is slowing down Trump’s plans for oil development out West ~ Washington Post 11/18/19

Sage grouse court order trims energy lease auction in Nevada ~ Washington Post, 11/11/19

Gunnison sage-grouse deserves a science-based recovery plan~ Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, 11/10/19

Utah Division Of Wildlife Resources Woodchipping More Than 50,000 Acres of Pinyon And Juniper Trees ~ Utah Public Radio, 11/10/19

Conservation groups object to Forest Service proposal to extend elk feeding ~ Buckrail, 11/10/19

BLM withdraws acreage from Nevada O&G lease sale ~ Kalinesh Energy, 11/8/19

BLM land auction doesn’t have Nevada’s best interests at heart ~ Las Vegas Sun, 11/6/19 (Editorial)

Guest Shot: Playing politics with grizzly extinction ~ Jackson Hole News and Guide, 11/6/19

Groups Plan To Sue Railroad Over Bear Deaths Near Glacier National Park ~ National Parks Traveller, 11/6/19

Big drop in Gunnison sage-grouse worries expert ~ Montrose Daily Express, 10/25/19

Collaborating on the destruction of nature,” The Wildlife News, 25 Oct. 2019

Trump’s new executive orders fast-track weakening of environmental policies ~ The Hill, 10/22/19

Court blocks weakened sage-grouse plan ~ Idaho Mountain Express, 10/18/19

We’re serious about sage grouse conservation,” ~ Casper Star-Tribune, 18 Oct. 2019 

Sage Grouse Plan Halted as ‘More Hardships’ for Bird Cited ~ Bloomberg Environment, 10/16/19

Judge Blocks Trump Plans to Raid Sage Grouse Habitat ~ Courthouse News Service, 10/16/19

Trump administration calls wild horses biggest threat to public lands — here are the real threats ~ The Hill, 10/12/19

WWP wins a stay of grazing decision on Agua Fria National Monument ~The Wildlife News, 9 Oct. 2019    

Forest Service sneaks away sage-grouse protections in FEISs ~ The Wildlife News, 3 Oct. 2019. 

Judge won’t dismiss lawsuit challenging Trump’s shrinking of Bears Ears National Monument ~ Fox13News, 9/30/19

Group sues US for details about impact of grazing program ~ Baltimore Sun, 9/29/19

Group sues U.S. for details about impact of grazing program in 6 states, including Colorado ~ Denver Post 9/25/20

Grand Staircase-Escalante judge rejects plan to strip 30,000 acres of forest ~ Times Independent, 9/20/19

Feds decline to put bison on ESA ~ Cody Enterprise, 9/16/19

Tortoise deserves endangered species protections, enviro groups say ~ Arizona Public Media, 9/6/19

Forests on Utah’s public lands may soon be torn out. Here’s why. ~ National Geographic, 9/3/19

New Point Reyes Management Plan Suggests Killing Native Elk on Behalf of Cattle Ranching ~ Sonoma State Star, 9/3/19

Critics of federal oil, gas leasing in Colorado focus on fate of fancy-dancing bird and public lands ~ Denver Post, 9/1/19

Gov. makes sage grouse ‘expansion’ voluntary in new order ~ Wyofile, 8/27/19

Conservation groups in uproar over alleged gray wolf ‘kill order’ ~ Eastern Arizona Courier, 8/25/19

Massive juniper tree-cutting project aims to aid sage grouse~ CT Post 8/21/19

Ultra-lethal ‘Cyanide Bombs’ Used To Kill Public Wildlife Banned For Now In Wyoming~ Mountain Journal 8/20/19

EPA Reauthorizes Predator Poison While Wyoming Restricts Use On Public Land ~ Montana Public Radio 8/13/19

National Parks Conservation Association Says Trump Plan Guts Endangered Species Act ~ Sierra Sun Times, 8/13/19

GOP senators, conservation groups at odds on Endangered Species changes~ Post Register 8/12/19

Idaho sage grouse numbers have dropped 52% since 2016. Will management changes help them? ~ Idaho Statesman, 8/11/19

Conservationists cry foul over new plan that keeps cows in San Pedro River preserve~ Arizona Daily Star 8/9/19

USFS proposes new sage grouse plan~ The Times-Independent 8/8/19

Indy Environment: Past decisions loom over Reno, Washoe County votes on Lemmon Valley flooding~ The Nevada Independent 8/8/19

Hunting, recreation to increase in San Pedro conservation area ~Herald Review, 8/6/19

Cows, carbon and climate change ~ The Hill, 8/3/19

Forest Service wants to trim habitat for sage grouse ~ Stamford Advocate, 8/2/19

Social tolerance for wolves (and ranchers) ~ The Wildlife News, 8/1/19

Groups want review of new Nevada oil well permit ~Elko Daily Free Press, 7/31/19

Judge limits Hammond Ranches cattle grazing as case proceeds ~Post Register, 7/23/19

A quiet victory in defense of three of California’s rare amphibians ~ The Wildlife News, 1 July 2019 

America’s Sagebrush Sea is Going Up In Smoke ~ Reno Gazette Journal, 6/27/19
Phosphate mining harms Idaho ~Idaho Mountain Express, 5/15/19
‘Lethal Control’ exposes cyanide deployment ~Idaho Mountain Express, 5/15/19

Rep. Peter DeFazio spearheads campaign to ban cyanide bombs used to kill coyotes ~ KVAL, 5/13/19


Battle over sage grouse habitat heats up in the West ~ UPI, 5/7/19

Time to end the use of M-44 cyanide bombs ~ Counterpunch, 1 May 2019 

Federal court tosses Idaho wolf ruling ~ Lewiston Tribune 4/25/19

Conservation Groups Ask Judge to Block Land Management Plan That Could Destroy Oregon Sage-Grouse Habitat ~ Willamette Week 4/22/19

Coalition seeks court order to stop destruction of sage-grouse habitat in 7 states ~ Buckrail, 4/22/19

BLM offers draft for Moneta: font of revenue, pollutants ~ Wyofile, 4/19/19

Scientists and researchers express concern about Grand Staircase deforestation – ABC4, 4/17,19

Under Trump, U.S. drilling permits on federal lands soar ~ Metro USA 4/12/19

They’re coming to steal your public lands. Again. ~ The Wildlife News, 10 Apr. 2019

Barrasso looks to guide the first major reforms to the ESA in decades ~ Casper Star Tribune, 4/8/19

Wildlife groups want Idaho to require hunters to carry bear spray in grizzly territory ~ Idaho Statesman, 4/7/9

Permits, Leases, And Oil And Gas Projects Move Forward During Latest Government Shutdown ~ Wyoming Public Radio, 4/4/19

Conservation Groups File Lawsuit over Flathead Forest Plan ~ Montana Public Radio, 4/3/19

Environmentalists sue over latest sage grouse plans ~ Missoula Current, 3/28/19

Environmentalists oppose off-roaders’ lawsuit over bird plan ~ WRAL 3/19/19

Putting America’s gray wolves back in the crosshairs ~ The Hill, 16 Mar. 2019 

Sage Grouse Plans Spark Anger, Praise in Western States ~ KSL 3/15/19

Conservationists Sue To Halt Artificial Feeding At National Elk Refuge ~ Mountain Journal 3/18/19

Wolves are about to go off the federal endangered list. Conservationists are angry ~ San Fransisco Chronicle 3/6/19

Cheney, Enzi Join Fight For Wyoming Grizzly Management ~ County 17  3/5/19

Feds reduce livestock grazing fee ~ Idaho Mountain Express 3/1/19

‘Nero Drilling While Rome Burns’: U.S. Oil and Gas Production Soars in Trump’s Second Year ~ The Revelator 2/28/19

Emergency letter: Save ‘highest grouse density areas on Earth’ ~ WyoFile 2/26/19

Grazing fees decrease again ~ Boise State Public Radio 2/25/19

Groups take on griz hunt ~ Jackson Hole News and Guide 2/21/19

Temporary shutdown may lead to permanent damage to National Parks ~ NY Daily News 2/12/19

Snowmobile bloodsport shames Wyoming, reflects our history ~ Wyofile 2/12/19

Agency hit by brain drain, mass retirement ~ E&E News 2/4/19

Bill would prohibit oil and gas leases in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains ~ Reno Gazette Journal 1/31/19

Wildlife Services sued again ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 1/30/19

Southwest Colorado bighorn sheep herd threatened by Forest Service decision, lawsuit says ~ The Denver Post 1/29/19

Death Valley playas damaged by offroaders during shutdown ~ The Guardian 1/25/19

Oil And Gas Industry Largely Unaffected By Government Shutdown ~ WBUR 1/25/19

Lawsuit says grazing plan puts wild bighorn sheep at risk of disease ~ Reuters 1/24/19

Zinke leaves unfinished business at the Interior Department ~ High Country News 1/23/19

Ag-Gag settlement may cost state $260,000 ~ ABC Local News 8 1/23/19

Legality of Drilling Permits Issued During Shutdown Challenged ~ Bloomberg 1/17/19

Cortez Masto uses apolitical, no-nonsense style to search for rare common ground on rural issues ~ The Nevada Independent 1/13/19

White House rules IRS can issue tax refunds during shutdown, aims to bring back agency employees ~ The Washington Post 1/7/19

New Executive Order Could Open Forests In National Parks To Logging ~ National Parks Traveler 1/6/19

Shutdown could complicate grouse plans ~ The Daily Sentinel 1/2/19

The DOI Temporarily Removed Documents About a Controversial Plan to Loosen Sage Grouse Protections ~ Pacific Standard 12/31/18

Critics accuse Forest Service of downplaying grizzly recovery ~ The Missoulian 12/28/18

Citing government shutdown, Interior blocks online access to sage grouse documents ~ Reno Gazette Journal 12/24/18

Environmental groups threaten to sue Forest Service over bear baiting in Idaho and Wyoming ~ The Lewiston Tribune 12/21/18

Groups ask Wyoming, Idaho forests to review bear baiting ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 12/19/18

It’s open season in the west for energy companies ~ Salon 12/15/18

Conservation groups appeal BLM sagebrush project ~ Idaho Mountain Express 12/14/18

Bighorn Sheep Have a Problem with Their Domestic Relatives ~ PBS 12/11/18

Grazing Restrictions Could Be Lifted On Some Of Oregon’s Sage Grouse Habitat ~ Oregon Public Broadcasting 12/6/18

State leaves data trespass defeat unchallenged ~ WyoFile 11/30/18

Hunting for wolf solution ~ The Daily Sentinel 11/24/18

Take a breather on public oil and gas leases ~ The Burlington Record 11/24/18

Bill strips gray wolves, sans Mexican subspecies, of protections ~ Eastern Arizona Courier 11/19/18

Environmentalists sue feds for information on Wyoming’s largest oil and gas project ~ Casper Star Tribune 11/15/18

B-T takes public input on running Alkali feedground ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 11/15/18

Are Organic Farms Ruining California’s Rural Coast? ~ Pacific Standard 11/9/18

Petition asks FWP to require hunters to carry bear spray ~ Seeley Swan Pathfinder 11/8/18

BLM removes Nevada sage grouse habitat from oil, gas lease auction ~ Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/2/18

Water Watchdogs to Redouble Efforts After Trespass Law Revoked ~ Public News Service 11/1/18

Oil and gas leasing delayed in sage grouse habitat ~ High Country News 10/31/18

Following a court order on sage grouse, BLM pulls thousands of acres from oil leasing ~ The Nevada Independent 10/30/18

Judge strikes down ‘data trespass’ laws as unconstitutional ~ WyoFile 10/29/18

The Ten Big Lies of Traditional Western Politics ~ Counterpunch 10/18/18

Old grizzly hunting rule still on the books in Montana ~ Helena Independent Record 10/16/18

Despite order, BLM continues its expedited leasing in grouse terrain ~ Grand Junction Sentinel 10/6/18

Idaho’s livestock industry is crying wolf ~ The Idaho Statesman 10/5/18

Forest Service advances changes to sage grouse protections ~ The Star Tribune 10/5/18

Reactions to grizzly relisting vary ~ University of Wyoming Branding Iron 10/3/18

Judge rejects suit to remove Gunnison sage grouse protection ~ The Journal 9/28/18

F&G cancels grizzly bear hunt ~ Idaho Mountain Express 9/27/18

Communities benefit from grizzly relisting ~ Jackson Hole News and Guide 9/26/18

Public should have more say in oil and gas lease sales, federal judge rules ~ The Denver Post 9/25/18

Judge returns grizzlies to Endangered Species list ~ Cody Enterprise 9/24/18

Feds Ordered to Let Public Speak Up for Sage Grouse ~ Courthouse News Service 9/24/18

Judge Halts Elk Feedlot, Citing Risk Of Chronic Wasting Disease ~ Wyoming Public Media 9/19/18

Judge rejects elk feedground permit on CWD worry ~ WyoFile 9/18/18

Judge extends ban on grizzly hunt ~ The Cody Enterprise 9/17/18

Environmentalists Plan To Monitor Ranchers Who Decry Prairie Dogs In National Grassland ~ Wyoming Public Media 9/13/18

Riding Herd ~ Pacific Sun 9/13/18

Game and Fish suspends grizzly hunting season after judge’s ruling ~ Kemmerer Gazette 9/11/18

BLM land auction opens acres to oil and gas companies ~ Eastern Arizona Courier 9/11/18

US approves sheep grazing research in grizzly bear area ~ Twin Fall Times News 9/7/18

Huffman bill favors agriculture in Point Reyes National Seashore ~ Marin Independent Journal 9/2/18

US judge reinstates proposed listing of bi-state sage grouse ~ Twin Falls Times-News 8/29/18

Feds approve 3,500-well gas project in western Wyoming ~ Casper Star Tribune 8/28/18

Groups fight gas plan in deer migration path ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 8/23/18

Judge told to consider protections for Montana grayling fish ~ The Columbian 8/19/18

Massive Medicine Bow logging plan sparks critics ~ WyoFile 8/18/18

Proposed Management Plans For Utah Monuments Released, Draw Criticis~ National Parks Traveler 8/16/18

Untapped Nevada: Oil and gas companies make their move~ E&E News 8/9/18

Wildlife Viewing In the California Coastal Prairies Of National Parks~ National Parks Traveler 8/7/18

Reports of record wolf depredations based on misinformation~ Idaho State Journal 8/5/18

Wildlife issues are local – here’s why ESA decisions are not~ Casper Star-Tribune 8/4/18

Federal agency pauses tree-removal plan to help sage grouse~ Minneapolis Star Tribune 8/3/18

Trump administration to stop collecting money from companies that damage public lands~ ThinkProgress 7/26/18

Idaho commission says wolf-livestock kills hit record in past year~ Idaho Press-Tribune 7/25/18

Crystal Geyser in hot water for secretly disposing of arsenic-filled waste~ The Desert Sun 7/25/18

Sawtooth wolf killings demonstrate incompatibility of livestock operations with native wildlife~ Idaho State Journal 7/22/18

House subcommittee hears conflicting views on livestock grazing~ Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 7/19/18

3 wolves killed in central Idaho after sheep attacks~ Idaho State Journal 7/19/18

Is the public being cut out of public-land decisions?~ WyoFile 7/17/18

Grazing is ‘indispensable’ to America. Or, it’s a ‘cancer,’ westerners tell Congress~ Idaho Statesman 7/13/18

Farm bill motion teed up for next week~ Politico 7/13/18

President Trump Grants Pardons for Oregon Ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond~ Wall Street Journal 7/11/18

Energy firm pushes back on critiques of development in pronghorn route~ Casper Star-Tribune Online 7/8/18

Lawsuit aims to stop BLM from removing Lincoln County wild horses~ Las Vegas Review-Journal 7/3/18

Forest Service agrees to study sheep grazing near bighorns~ The Telegraph 7/3/18

A judge ripped federal agency’s justification for killing a number of wild animals~ The News Recorder 6/30/2018

Feds Sued Over Plan to Cull Wild Horses in Nevada~ Courthouse News Service 6/29/18

BLM discusses changes to oil and gas leasing in sage grouse habitat at Craig meeting~ Steamboat Pilot and Today 6/29/18

Judge says Wildlife Services’ environmental reviews are deficient~ Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 6/27/18

Gas field may cut off Jackson’s pronghorn~ Jackson Hole News&Guide 6/27/18

Judge Rules Against Wildlife Services In Idaho Case~ Boise State Public Radio 6/27/18

Forest Service proposes changes to sage grouse protections~ Twin Falls Times-News 6/21/18

Farm Bill Benefits for WY Cattle Industry Could Threaten Wildlife ~ Public News Service 6/14/18

A closed gate, a lawsuit and the First Amendment ~ Boulder Weekely 6/7/18

Groups appeal ruling on killing wolves ~ The Lewiston Tribune 6/6/18

Not so fast with Wyoming grizzly hunt ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 5/30/18

Judge: USFWS illegally denied bi-state sage grouse listing ~ The San Fransisco Chronicle 5/15/18

Sage grouse conservationists faced with new hurdles ~ The Sheridan Press 5/11/18

Great Old Broads for Wilderness asserts right to freedom of speech ~ The Independent 5/9/18

American wildlife need responsible public land drilling to be more profitable than cutting corners ~ The Hill 5/5/18

Trump administration moves to weaken protections for this unique American bird ~ The Washington Post 5/4/18

Trump administration ‘illegally’ favoring oil and gas drilling while endangering sage grouse habitat, new lawsuit claims ~ The Salt Lake Tribune 5/1/18

Molvar: Chronic Wasting Disease highlights underlying dysfunction in wildlife policy ~ Caspar Star Tribune 4/27/18

Idaho, Montana Lawsuits Say Bighorns Get Sick From Domestic Sheep ~ Wyoming Public Media 4/23/18

In the Battle for the American West, the Cowboys Are Losing ~ The Wall Street Journal 3/30/18

Ranchers Get More Grazing Flexibility With New Program ~ KUER Utah Public Radio 3/26/18

Hunters helping state control bighorn population at Rio Grande Gorge ~ Sante Fe New Mexican 3/23/18

How Welfare Ranchers Take Taxpayers for a Ride ~ Pacific Standard 3/21/18

Judge: Agency cherrypicked science for bison management ~ High Country News 3/21/18

Environmentalists bemoan Upper Green grazing plan ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 3/21/18

Yellowstone grizzlies take well-deserved first step toward renewed protections ~ Helena Independent Record 3/20/18

Grizzly debate has lawyers running in packs to Missoula’s courthouse ~ The Missoulian 3/17/18

WY Legislature Passes Sneaky End-of-Session ALEC Bill Criminalizing Enviro, Pipeline Protests ~ EnviroNews 3/16/18

Idaho Fish And Game Kills Wolves To Boost Elk Populations ~ Boise State Public Radio 3/15/18

WyoFile reporter is witness in data trespass lawsuit ~ WyoFile 3/14/18

M-44 SURVIVOR: One year later, Pocatello teen still haunted by ‘cyanide bomb’ blast ~ Idaho State Journal 3/14/18

‘M-44’s Exposed’: Environmental groups to show documentary one year after Pocatello teen almost dies ~ Idaho State Journal 3/14/18

O’Connor hears Upper Green ROD objections ~ Sublette Examiner 3/13/18


Yellowstone and Teton Wolves need a Miracle in 2018 ~ WAFB 3/8/18

Judicious tree clearing, not chaining, will be more effective on Grand Staircase ~ St. George News 3/5/18

Even dinosaurs aren’t safe from Trump: Irreplaceable Bear Ears fossils under threat ~ Salon 2/28/18

Green River grazing plan blasted from both sides ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 2/28/18

Controversial cyanide devices make comeback for predator control in Ore. ~ The Argus Observer 2/22/18

Zinke grants industry wish list while shutting out the public ~ The Hill 2/21/18

At The Department Of The Interior, Industry Lobbyists And Revolving-Door Operatives Shape Sage Grouse Policy ~ Pacific Standard 2/20/18

Massive juniper removal project could help Idaho sage grouse ~ Associated Press 2/15/18

Idaho can keep data on animals tracked illegally amid appeal ~ WTOP 2/14/18

Fed judge throws out Y’stone bison decision ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide 2/7/18

Wilderness groups ramp up campaigns before bills by Daines, Tester are heard in committee ~ Ravalli Republic 2/5/18

Judge Gives Yellowstone Bison Second Chance For Endangered Species Protections ~ Wyoming Public Media 2/5/18

Court asks feds to review decision to reject Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone bison ~ Bozeman Daily Chronicle 2/1/18

Wolf recovery plan challenged in court by advocacy groups ~ Ruidoso News 1/31/18

Sage Grouse Saves the Day: BLM Halts Idaho Oil Lease Auction After Protests from Enviro Groups ~ EnviroNews 1/21/18

Battle lines form over FWS mitigation policy ~ E&E News 1/15/18

BLM made serious mistake with show of force at Nevada standoff, retired agency officials say ~ The Oregonian 1/14/18

Desert tortoise faces uncertain future amid Bundy conflict ~ Las Vegas Review Journal 1/13/18

Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary Zinke to Round Up Bundy’s Trespassing Cattle ~ YubaNet 1/11/18

Bundy gets off again as incompetent prosecution causes mistrial ~ The Wildlife News 1/8/18

Suit to stop federal agency wolf killings in Idaho rejected ~The Spokesman Review 1/5/18

A Year In Energy: The Trump Administration’s Impact On Wyoming’s Main Industry ~ Wyoming Public Media 1/2/18


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