Monitor's reports, other studies and presentations about public land grazing

2008 Monitoring of Livestock Impacts to Public Lands in Central Idaho

Western Watersheds Project 2008 Utilization Cage and Greenline Stubble Height Data

Lost River Ranger District
Salmon-Challis National Forest

Lost River Ranger District Monitoring - 2008

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Other Featured Reports

Seeps, Springs and Riparian Zones - 4th Year Report
Look at: Seeps, Springs & Riparian Zones of Selected Public Land Regions; Volume IV

Left: Wilderness Values Degraded; Right: Wilderness Values Preserved

Dr. John Carter
Western Watersheds Project

LOOK AT a collection of papers from the November 11, 2000 Symposium on the Ecosystems of the Owyhee held in Boise, Idaho. (PDF)

Also look at the Owyhee Initiative: A Collaborative Assault on Public Lands and Environmental Laws, March 2004 Summary (PDF)  Analysis (PDF)

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