Public Lands Ranching

Public lands ranching is the most widespread commercial use of public lands in the United States. Ranching is one of the primary causes of native species endangerment in the American West; it is also the most significant cause of non-point source water pollution and desertification.

Protecting Watersheds

A watershed is land that contributes water to a stream, river, lake, pond, wetland or other body of water. The boundary that separates one watershed from another, causing falling rain or melting snow or spring water to flow downhill in one direction or the other, is known as a “watershed divide”.

Species Protection

Each member of the natural community is valued and deserving of rich and vibrant habitat, conditions that enable their continued existence.  What’s best is when communities of diverse species, landscapes, and water systems are allowed to exist naturally as a whole.

Renewable Energy on Public Land

Western Watersheds Project works to protect and restore watersheds, wildlife habitat and wildlife on public lands throughout the western United States through scientific study, education, public policy initiatives, and litigation.


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