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Meet Our Staff

Protecting and restoring western watersheds and wildlife through education, public policy initiatives, and legal advocacy.

Nancy Linscott

Operations Director

Prior to joining Western Watersheds,  Nancy spent 20 years as an environmental geologist focusing on NEPA impact analysis and environmental remediation projects.  After becoming a mother, Nancy took time to explore new career options by working as the Office and Risk Manager for a local private school.  Never straying too far from environmental conservation issues, though, she volunteers on the Blaine County Land, Water, and Wildlife Levy Board and has volunteered for a number of local city and non-profit organizations over the years. Geology remains a hobby, and her off time is spent trudging around Idaho learning about local landscapes.

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Erik Molvar

Executive Director

Greta Anderson

Deputy Director

Adam Bronstein

Oregon Director

Laura Cunningham

California Director

Josh Osher

Public Policy Director

Paul Ruprecht

Nevada Director

Cyndi Tuell

Arizona/New Mexico Director

Laura Welp

Ecosystems Specialist

Patrick Kelly

Washington/Montana State Director

Megan Backsen

10th Circuit Attorney

Greg LeDonne

Idaho Director

Branden Rishel

GIS Specialist

Delaney Rudy

Colorado Director

Jaimie Park

9th Circuit Attorney

Grace Kuhn

Digital Director

Dagny Signorelli

Wyoming/Utah State Director