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CO Coalition Applauds Governor Polis’ Signing of Wolverine Reintroduction Bill

(May 21, 2024) Denver, CO – Colorado Nature League (CNL) and Colorado Nature Action (CNA) celebrate Governor Jared Polis’ signing of SB24-171, Restoration of Wolverines. Wolverines, once native to Colorado, were eradicated over a century ago. This crucial legislation marks a significant step toward restoring Colorado’s native wildlife and enhancing biodiversity.

Statements from CNL and CNA Members:

Jim Alexee, Director of Colorado Nature League: “Today’s bill signing is a testament to the power of strategic, science-driven advocacy and collaboration. This legislation opens a new and important chapter in recovering threatened and endangered species in Colorado. We sincerely thank Governor Polis, Senators Will and Roberts, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and Rocky Mountain Wild for their work.”

Margaret Kran-Annexstein, Director of the Colorado Sierra Club: “We’re incredibly excited that wolverines are coming back to Colorado. These are important creatures that play a role in helping restore biodiversity and ecosystem health. This initiative demonstrates our state’s  commitment to restoring and preserving Colorado’s iconic wildlife and advances the crucial narrative that healthy predator populations are in our best interests.”

Delaney Rudy, Colorado Director of the Western Watersheds Project: “Facilitating wolverines’ return to Colorado’s high-elevation ecosystems is an action that all Coloradans can be proud of. This legislation represents a crucial step forward in protecting Colorado’s natural heritage and restoring our biological diversity.”

Lindsay Larris, Conservation Director of WildEarth Guardians: “The conservation community has been fighting for decades for the wolverine to receive federal protections under the Endangered Species Act. We are thrilled to see Colorado taking the lead in showing states what proactive restoration of imperiled native species should look like.”

Alli Henderson, southern Rockies director, Center for Biological Diversity: “This law is a first step towards restoring native wolverines to Colorado’s high mountain habitat, righting a century-old wrong. Thanks to the governor and legislators for their leadership and kudos to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for working to make this reintroduction possible. Coloradans are excited to see these furry, fierce creatures return to their native range on our snowy peaks.”

As Colorado embarks on this transformative journey toward wildlife restoration, Colorado Nature League and Action are committed to preserving the state’s natural beauty and ecological diversity.

About Colorado Nature League and Colorado Nature Action:

Colorado Nature League (CNL) protects, conserves, and restores Colorado’s native wildlife and habitats through science-based, innovative, collaborative solutions. Colorado Nature Action (CNA) supports these priorities by advocating for effective policies, legislation, and funding, ensuring a stable and sustainable future for Colorado’s threatened and endangered species. CNL and CNA represent over 150,000 Coloradans dedicated to preserving the state’s natural heritage.

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