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TAKE ACTION! Ask Secretary Haaland to relist gray wolves!

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July 7, 2021

The Global Indigenous Council released “FAMILY,” a short film highlighting the deep cultural connection Indigenous Nations share with wolves and the major threats currently facing imperiled populations in the lower 48 states. “FAMILY” calls on Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to meet with Tribes and relist the wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

Watch this powerful video on our YouTube channel, here. (

The recent actions of Idaho and Montana Legislatures, along with the longer history of mismanagement in Wyoming, pose serious threats to the viability of the Northern Rockies population of gray wolves. The impending decimation of wolf populations by trophy hunters isn’t simply an “environmental” or “wildlife” issue, it is a social justice issue. We stand with the Tribes in wanting to see wolves fully recovered and federally protected.

TAKE ACTION! Write to Secretary Deb Haaland today and ask her to relist the wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Send an email to and ask Sec. Haaland to meet with the tribal delegation, to honor the wolf’s place in the West, to recognize the species’ role in maintaining balanced ecosystems, and to restore full federal protections to this important animal.


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