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WWP Receives Conservation Award from The Wildlife Society’s Arizona Chapter!

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Western Watersheds Project’s Arizona Office is proud to have been awarded the Arizona Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s Conservation Award for 2012!  Western Watersheds Project was specifically recognized for its efforts to limit livestock degradation on Arizona’s desert lands including the successful push for BLM to address the detrimental impacts of livestock grazing on the Sonoran Desert National Monument and work addressing disease transmission between domestic sheep and bighorn west-wide.

The Wildlife Society (TWS) has a mission to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners and others who work actively to study, manage and conserve wildlife and habitats worldwide. The Arizona Chapter was founded in 1968 and the Conservation Award is given each year to a person or an organization not directly involved in wildlife management who contributes significantly to the conservation of wildlife and/or their habitat in Arizona. Conservation can include, but is not limited to research, education, legislation and protection or enhancement of wildlife and their habitat.

The 2012 Conservation Award was presented at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Arizona and New Mexico chapters in Albuquerque on Friday, February 8th. TWS Arizona Chapter President Jon Hanna presented the award. Jon and his wife Vicki have been longtime supporters of the work of Western Watersheds Project.

This Award would not have been made without the hard work of WWP’s Deputy and Arizona State Director Greta Anderson, WWP’s Arizona legal counsel Erik Ryberg and WWP’s Ecosystems Specialist Laura Welp. Thank you Greta, Erik and Laura! I’d also like to thank WWP’s Arizona members for all their efforts to reform public lands livestock grazing in the desert southwest!

Western Watersheds Project welcomes this award from wildlife biologists who recognize and acknowledge the value of WWP’s advocacy for the protection of species and habitats throughout the west !

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