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WWP Sends Notice of Intent to Sue the Tucson Field Office of the Gila District of BLM for Violations of the Engangered Species Act

Livestock grazing and associated activities threaten willow flycatcher, lesser long-nosed bat, loach minnow and spikedace on 18 allotments

On May 6, 2009, WWP’s Arizona Office filed a 60 Day Notice Of Intent (NOI) to sue for violations of the Endangered Species Act with the Gila District of the BLM.

A 2003 Biological Opinion, conducted to protect ESA listed species, set management terms for 18 allotments along the Gila River within the habitats of southwestern willow flycatcher, lesser long-nosed bat, loach minnow and spikedace; however, the BLM has not been conducting required monitoring, has not been tracking range development construction or actual use, and is not adhering to utilization limits established in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s management mitigation for these imperiled species in their Biological Opinion.

WWP’s 60 Day Notice of Intent to sue


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