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Arizona Projects

Sonoran Desert National Monument – WWP Protest of proposed decision

Kofa Wildlife Area Bighorn – Plaintiff’s Reply to Opposition to Motion for Injunctive Relief

WWP gives BLM 9 more months to finalize the Sonoran Desert National Monument management plan.  Read the Settlement

WWP submits comments on Draft Resource Management Plan for Sonoran Desert National Monument; exposes BLM’s willful neglect of the facts.  Download

WWP files protest of proposed management on the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Read the file here.

News Release 5/27/10:
WWP Wins Appeal of Grazing Decision on Grand Canyon-Quality Landscapes on Arizona Strip

News Release 5/21/10:
WWP Files Suit to Protect Desert Wildlife Across 615,000 Acres of Public Lands in Southwestern Arizona

Sonoran Desert National Monument

WWP is committed to ending livestock grazing on the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Read more about our efforts here..


Mexican gray wolf Reintroduction

We continually hear about “problem” wolves…There are no “problem” wolves. The problem exists with how we humans define restoration.
– George Wuerthner, Lessons from the West
The reintroduction of the Mexican gray wolf in parts of its historic range in Arizona and New Mexico has been one of the major challenges of the last decade in the region. Like its relatives throughout the West, the wolf faces opposition from many ranchers who fear that this restoration threatens their livelihood and their control over public lands.We believe that native wildlife species have a right to exist. Public lands should only be managed for multiple uses where those uses don’t conflict with the conservation of native plants and animals. In the case of the Mexican gray wolf, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service needs to step up and manage for the recovery of a rare species. We’re hoping that they will.

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