Washington Sage Grouse Distribution

The Greater Sage-grouse is a Washington state listed species.  Once thriving across much of Washington State’s then expansive sagebrush-steppe habitat, today sage grouse are largely isolated to two recognized populations.

Whiskey Dick and Quilomene Wildlife Areas

An important corridor between the two remaining Greater Sage-grouse populations in Washington state

The Whiskey Dick/Quilomene Wildlife Areas were acquired by the state of Washington after decades of abusive livestock grazing degraded their wildlife habitat.  Today, after decades of rest, the sage-steppe habitat is nearly the last of its kind – ungrazed and vibrant.  Sage grouse are found within the wildlife areas, and should the landscape be properly preserved, a corridor between the two remaining populations may one day restore a robust genetic exchange between the populations that will help sage grouse recover in Washington state.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks to subject Whiskey Dick and Quilomene Wildlife Areas to commercial livestock grazing – degrading the Sage Grouse Habitat



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