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WWP Defends Path of the Pronghorn, Scientists Expose the Industry’s Lies

May 23, 2013

Western Watersheds Project has long been a leader in trying to protect the Path of the Pronghorn migration — the longest land mammal in the lower 48 states — from being blocked by gasfield development. We filed a lawsuit to block the Normally Pressured Lance, a 140,000-acre energy development in Wyoming, in 2020, and last year, we appealed the lower court decision that allowed the project to proceed.

Last week, our lawsuit was argued before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, and it was attended by an investigative reporter from WyoFile. The following important exposé that follows was a result of the journalist documenting that State of Wyoming and Department of Justice attorneys lied in court about the location of the migration route. The story includes the leading pronghorn migration scientists blasting state and federal misrepresentations, and State of Wyoming and oil industry officials get caught red-handed stymying migration corridor protections and trying to tamper with scientific findings.

It’s a scandalous and explosive read!

Check out the full story here:

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