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With Thanks at Thanksgiving !

Online Messenger #259

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Usually, these Online Messengers include news of a recent victory, a request to take action on an issue, or an update on litigation or legislation. This one is a little different. Today, we’re giving thanks and extending our gratitude to members and supporters for helping to achieve our mission.

Thank you!

Without you, Western Watersheds Project couldn’t inform, comment, appeal, and litigate decisions about livestock grazing that affect millions of acres of wildlife habitat across the West.

Without you, WWP would not be able to maintain staff in seven western states and carry out work in thirteen states, efficiently “watchdogging” the public lands management agencies from the Northern Rockies to the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.

Without you, WWP could not have permanently retired more than 135,000 acres of public lands from livestock grazing in 2013 or have been able to continue to press for grazing allotment retirements westwide.

Without you, WWP’s work to protect and restore bighorn sheep, bison, wolves, pygmy rabbits, desert tortoise, sage-grouse, bull-trout, chinook salmon, redband trout and the entire sage-steppe ecosystem would not occur, and an important voice for these species would be lost.

Every action of Western Watersheds Project’s dedicated staff is taken on behalf of our committed membership who share the vision of restored public lands, broad unfenced landscapes, restored native wildlife and fish populations, clean water and healthy soils, diverse vegetation and unfragmented open spaces in the places that are important to all of us.

So, thanks to all who read this and thanks also for the beauty and wonders of the natural world that continue to inspire and motivate all of us at Western Watersheds Project.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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