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WWP Wins Remand of Grazing Decision on Six Mile Allotment, Egan Field Office, Nevada

Barrick Gold, like many public land ranchers, is a corporate entity (the largest multinational gold mining company in the world) in Nevada that holds public land grazing permits.

WWP recently won a remand of a grazing decision on the Six Mile Allotment of the Egan Field Office of the BLM in Nevada.

Summary of Rulings

This order finds that BLM’s NEPA review that led to the above captioned final grazing decision (“FD”), including its Supplemental Memo issued to correct factual errors in the Environmental Assessment (“EA”), took an adequate “hard look” at the FD’s impacts on sage grouse and other wildlife habitat. Therefore, WWP’s motion for summary judgment is denied and BLM’s is granted on this issue. On the other h~and, BLM violated the National Environmental Policy Act, 43 U.S.C. § 4321 et seq (“NEPA”), by failing to adequately consider alternatives to the FD and the need for the proposed action. Therefore, WWP’s motion for summary judgment is granted and BLM’s is denied on this issue. This order remands the FD to BLM to conduct further NEPA review consistent with these rulings.

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