Entire Nine-Member White Hawk Wolf Pack Killed in Central Idaho by Government Gunners

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By sometime this weekend (and it may have happened already) the entire White Hawk wolf pack of central Idaho's Boulder-White Cloud Mountains will be dead.

Ten wolves including the pregnant alpha female who is the famous white wolf of the Sawtooth Valley will be gunned down from a government helicopter.

Two were killed last week, three yesterday, and the remaining five by the end of tomorrow. Because they all have radio collars and are easily located from the air their death is certain.

The aerial gunning of the wolves is a consequence of one sheep and two calves being killed in the East Fork of the Salmon River upstream of WWP's Greenfire Preserve.

To put this into an understandable and very American context, the cost to kill the wolves will be around $13,500; the value of the dead livestock is less than $300. (for which the ranchers will be reimbursed).

The only reason wolves are being killed in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming is because of the presence of domestic livestock often where they do not belong either environmentally or economically.

WWP is researching legal means to bring pressure to change the current management of wolves in the Northern Rockies which has deteriorated into a well paid cottage industry with one objective: killing wolves.