Greenfire News: Summer 2004

We've completed a couple of restoration projects at Greenfire Preserve already this year, and it is likely that we'll have additional projects funded in the fall by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Island Restoration Project, paid for with Clean Water Act 319 funds, was completed at the end of March. The Test Plot Project funded by FWS was completed at the end of May.

The Island Restoration Project has proven very successful, and I think it's safe to say the area has recovered almost entirely. I also think that the accelerated erosion that was occurring on the island in the East Fork has been controlled.

Indications are strong that we'll receive $6,000 from FWS to bring in a bulldozer this fall to fill in the diversion ditch on the east side of the East Fork and re-form the natural runoff channel across the eastside field. Once that project is complete, we hope to use Idaho Department of Fish and Game habitat Improvement funds to plant trees and shrubs for a wildlife travel corridor from the river, across the eastside field to the canyons above. Target date for planting is Spring 2005.

We should also receive $4,000 from FWS to overseed some of the 100 acres at the south end of the property that were planted in the spring of 2003.

Finally, Greenfire will soon be featured in a book about wildlands philanthropy that is being funded by the Foundation for Deep Ecology. Thanks to all of you who, with your contributions to WWP and active participation in various Greenfire projects, have helped restore this special place in the western landscape.