Greenfire News: May, 2001

"vased" willowsEarly in May, WWP was visited by more angels. Gordon and Jennifer Younger donated a Ford Explorer to the Greenfire cause. Their gift has been a huge benefit for Greenfire projects and for our work throughout central Idaho. A thousand thanks to Gordon and Jennifer for their support.

We began talks with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about potential funding for habitat restoration. These funds are crucial in the big picture because they can be earmarked for upland restoration to supplement our grants for riparian restoration efforts.

We know what we want to do at Greenfire. We're just not sure, in some cases, how best to get there. Successful models are in short supply. In May, we decided it would be beneficial to bring in consultants from Bitterroot Restoration to help establish a plan and budget for the restoration of Greenfire. Bitterroot told us a restoration plan with multiple options would cost $5,000, which WWP agreed to pay.

buttercupsAlso in May, we put the irrigation systems into shape and began watering the hay fields at Greenfire.

If we don't irrigate prior to the restoration of native species, we stand a good chance of seeing the fields consumed by exotic weed species weeds that are difficult to eliminate.

We also need to irrigate in order to keep our water right and grow forage for native wildlife.