Greenfire News: June, 2001

irrigationWe received funding from WWP contributors to bring Bitterroot Restoration consultants to Greenfire, and a schedule was set. The director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Habitat Restoration Funding also toured the property and expressed interest in a partnership. A proposal will be drawn up from the plan, Bitterroot Restoration will draft a budget.

Also in June, we received word that WWP's application for the Five-Star Restoration Challenge Grant was successful. The $8,100 award gives us another source for more restoration efforts and can serve as matching funds for other grant proposals.

We continued to irrigate through June, but not without problems and significant expenses. Equipment breakdowns were common, and electricity costs to power the various pumps and pivots proved high. Stuck pivots, plugged intake screens and broken drive lines were regular problems - all of this from a nearly new system.