Greenfire News: January-February, 2001

fencing In January, Bill and Josephine Lowe generously donated a four-wheel-drive Ford 250 pickup truck to WWP. Since then, I've discovered that Greenfire probably couldn't operate at its current level without the vehicle. We use it every day, and Bill and Josephine deserve a thousand thanks.

In February, a crew was brought in to remove fences on the property. The group soon became our planting crew as well. From February to mid-April, the workers carried out what some in the Challis area would consider heresy: they removed cross-fences and corrals from Greenfire.

During an Experimental Stewardship meeting in Challis, one rancher who used to work at the property when it was a cattle ranch told me, "It really gave me heartburn to see you tearing out those corrals. It took me a whole day to put some of those posts in."

"If it makes you feel any better," I replied, "we wore out two new handyman jacks just getting the posts out of the ground."